Friday, May 5, 2017

Living A Healthy Life with Hypothyroidism

Creating discussions and awareness on hypothyroidism has become a mission in my life. Today, I am thriving. Living a happy, healthy life, but it wasn’t that way a few years ago. 

I was suffering from these symptoms
• Fatigue
• Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight
• Coarse, dry hair
• Hair loss
• Cold intolerance (you can't tolerate cold temperatures like those around you)
• Depression
• Irritability
• Memory Loss 

I began to see doctors. I saw my primary care physician and even a Neurologist. They prescribed medication, but the symptoms kept coming.

After reading many internet articles, I decided to see an Endocrineologist. Finally, after lots of bloodwork I was given a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism

My message for you today it not to take weight gain, fatigue and depression lightly. Take it seriously. I ignored it for years until the symptoms began to get worse and they will get worse. 

Undiagnosed Hypothyroidism can do severe damage over timeIt can cause heart problems, goiter, mental health issues and cause Myxedema. Myxedema is extreme Hypothyroidism and can eventually slow metabolism to the point where you fall into a coma. So, please stress to your physician to have the proper lab work done to test for thyroid dysfunction and nutritional/vitamin deficiencies as well. 

After more bloodwork, the doctor placed me on Synthroid and ArmourThyroid which helped with the fatigue, but I was still dealing with weight gain and hair loss.   

In June 2015, I started drinking Shakeology daily, my energy level has drastically increased and my hair shedding has greatly decreased.  In addition, I have lost 11 lbs. and several inches.  Prior to starting Shakeology, I did get approval from my Endocrinologist, since Shakeology has iron and calcium, I do drink it 2 hours before or after taking my thyroid medicine.  Otherwise, I am reaping the benefit of this wonderful product and continue to see improvements in my overall health and energy level. 

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