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My name is Sabrina Tutt.  I am 38 years old and mother of 2 beautiful children.  I work full time.  This year I have renewed my fitness journey.  I have always enjoyed fitness but I admit I have let life and “ME” get in the way.  

When I was single and younger, I went to the gym regularly.  However, when I got married to my wonderful husband 10 years ago, my workouts slowed down tremendously.  

When I had my first child, 8 years ago, I lost some weight, but I was never able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Then when I was expecting my second child, I miscarried due to hormones imbalance.  I was depressed and food was my way of dealing with the miscarriage.   However, I was blessed with another pregnancy and my baby girl was born in 2010.  Again, I tried to lose the weight, but was not successful.  I have been on many diets, but never stick to them.  Life stressors always took over. 

My heaviest weight
In 2013, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, which can cause weight gain and hair loss, but I did nothing to change my eating habits nor did I add exercise to my schedule.  

Fast forward to 2015, my husband and I were on a shopping trip at the Premium outlets in Dawsonville, GA.  I was trying on clothes, but nothing looked or fit right and  I needed to go up to a size 14.   From that moment, I said this is it!   I must make a change to improve my health. 

I decide to purchase P90X3, I am enjoying the workouts and nutrition plans.  I drink Shakeology daily and I can see the improvement in my energy and definitely tell when I don’t drink it.

Check back on my progress.  My goal is to reach my fitness goal and help others reach theirs as well. 

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