Become A Coach

Check out all the benefits:
  • Be your own boss
  • Start a new Profitable Career
  • To earn some extra cash 
  • Become a healthier YOU
  • Huge discounts on products for yourself
  • Have extra motivation & support to reach your goals
  • Help others accomplish their fitness goals

Super Additional benefits when you become a Beachbody Coach:
  • 25% discount on your monthly Shakeology order
  • 25% discount on ALL Beachbody workout programs and products
  • FREE “Coach Basics” training for your new business
  • Access to FREE team challenge groups which will help YOU to grow YOUR business
  • You  also get ME as your coach and sponsor


Becoming a Beachbody Coach sounds great, right?

I would like to invite you to join my team as a Beachbody Coach today! As a coach, your job is to help others lead a healthier lifestyle – to inspire and motivate their success towards reaching their health and fitness goals!

Team Beachbody Coaching Video

Take a quick minute and watch this video from our Ceo
Carl Daikeler to see how becoming a Beachbody Coach
can change your health and financial future!

Still on Your Fitness Journey??

That’s OKAY, SO AM I!!!  You can help others while helping yourself, this is the primary reason for my becoming a coach.  

Coaching holds YOU to a higher level of accountability, and allows you to surround yourself with positive people with similar goals to your own. And the discounts that you get are well worth becoming a coach. 

Beachbody Coach Fees

There is a one time $40.00 fee for the business starter kit, but this fee can be waived with the purchase of a Challenge Pack which includes selection of the fitness program of your choice and Shakeology . 

Additionally, you’ll receive a HUGE discount for buying the a fitness program and Shakeology together.

There is a monthly business fee of $16.00 which covers the basic tools needed to operate your business.

And If you are active Military or a Veteran ask me how you can become a beachbody for FREE?"

Let's go! Now accepting applications


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