Monday, November 16, 2015

Master Hammer and Chisel

The newest fitness program by Beachbody, Hammer and Chisel, will be released on December 1st and I can’t wait!  This program is designed to help you reach optimal results in 60 days by giving you a portion controlled clean eating nutrition plan and beast-like workouts. 

Do you want to attend the launch party?  Well, come on… It  starts on December 7th with workouts beginning as soon as you get your program.  If you are interested in getting Hammer and Chisel check this out and complete the form below to receive the details of the program launch and price!  

What is Hammer and Chisel?

This fitness program created by Autumn Calabrese (creator of 21 Day Fix) and Sagi Kaley (creator of Body beast) is designed to cut and shred you in 60 days utilizing cardio, strength training, abs and more! In addition, this program uses the portion control container system along with the clean eating nutrition plan.

If you are ready to take your fitness journey to the next level, then this is the plan for you!!!

Take a look at the results from the Coach Test group.  The system is AMAZING!!!

If you have Beachbody On Demand you can access 2 of the workouts and try it out now. 

I am 100% committed to doing this program when it is released.

Follow my journey on social media and also join my launch group.   If you are interested in doing the program once it is released and you would like a support and accountability coach, make sure to fill out the information below so you are on our contact list today!!!

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