Friday, April 1, 2016

6 Weeks to Summer Bootcamp

Spring is here.. Summer is approaching fast.  

Time to leave the sweaters, turtlenecks, heavy jackets, and wool pants behind.  Are you ready for the sleeveless shirts, two piece swimsuit or even a one piece swimsuit?

How many beach trips and/or weddings are you planning to attend this summer?  Do you have anything you can wear?  That was the string that broke the camel for me.  It was last summer, I could not wear anything in my closet.  I refuse to buy a larger size of clothes. That was the moment, I knew I had to make a change.

You Can Finally Lose Weight and Keep It Off! 

I remembered a coworker had great results with P90X, so I decided to try Beachbody products again. This time I started my journey with P90X3, since it was only 30 minutes and I can do it at home, while the kids ran around playing.  

I started eating clean and the food tasted great! I was increasing my water intake and my energy level was increasing. I began cooking more, rather than eating out all the time (my husband was excited).  I started to slowly see the changes in my body, on the scale and non-scale victories.

Three months later, I was down 14 lbs and 4.1% body fat.  That was huge for me.  The journey was not perfect, but I understand this is a lifestyle change, not a crash diet.

Friendship, Accountability and Support

One key to my success was the challenge group.  My coach and the other ladies were very encouraging.  In the past, I would have stopped working out and eating right after the 1st week.

So, I was committed to the fitness program, eating right and my challenge group.  Daily, I checked into the challenge group, posted my workout rating and food rating.  If I was struggling, I would ask for help within the group.  I was able to receive support from the comfort of my own home!!

I want to personally invite you to be part of my 6 Weeks to Summer Bootcamp.  

Hurry and Sign Up HereToday

Next 6 Weeks Bootcamp Challenge Dates are:

April 11, 2016 & April 25, 2016 

In this Bootcamp, you will learn 

  • The principles of clean eating 
  • How to fuel your body for energy
  • Weight loss 
  • How to make a lifestyle change vs crash diet.
  • How to make meal plans

I will help you succeed by giving you my meal plans, recipes and tips on achieving your weight lose goals. There are no goals too small or too large. I am here to help.  

Learn more about how our Closed Facebook Challenge Group Works Click Here! 

What are the requirements for joining the "6 Weeks to Summer Bootcamp" Challenge Group?

  • Do you have a Team Beachboy Coach?  If not, then let me be yours!!  Create an account by clicking here  FREE Account
  • Complete the Application so I can speak with you one-on-one to determine if this is a fit for you!!  Application
  • Commit to 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, CIZE or Focus 25 and replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology.  Why Shakeology?  It is going to make you feel better as far as daily energy and daily nutrition. It's 1 meal a day you don't have to think about and it's quick, convenient and tastes great.
  • I'm going to support, guide, mentor, and help you set realistic goals so that the program can help transform your life and you get to do it with like minded people.

Hurry and Sign Up Here Today

Next 6 Weeks Bootcamp Challenge Dates are:

April 11, 2016 & April 25, 2016 

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