Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring Into Fitness With Support and Motivation From a Busy Woman Like You!!!

"Spring into Fitness" Challenge Group

Don't you know that summer bodies are made in the winter?  There is approximately 12 weeks until June.  The time when everyone is ready to go to the beach.  The stores are starting to put summer clothes out even though it's 30 degrees outside.  This is the sign that summer is coming and now is the time to start preparing.

Now, is the perfect time to start.  Every time you make a healthy choice you are closer to your summer body.  So, when you are ready to have a dessert, stop and think about that bathing suit you want to wear in June.  Think about it, 12 weeks is not a long time and it takes 21 days to create a new habit, 8 weeks to see change and 12 weeks for others to notice!! So, make the commitment now to start making progress toward June!!  If you wait until May, like I have in the past, it's too late and very frustrating and you will try unhealthy approaches to losing weight. Take ACTION today!

Start Your Healthy Journey

I am getting ready to kick start my Spring into Fitness support and accountability group on March 7th and another group on March 28th.  My goal is get as many women ready for summer without stressing out, without feeling restricted and view this as lifestyle change instead of a diet.  I want to show you how to fit exercise into your busy schedule and make meal planning as painless as possible.  

As a busy mom of two kids, working a high demand full-time job and keeping up with my spiritual food, I know how busy life can be!!  Work deadlines, school projects, homework, child in a gifted program, playing golf, cleaning the house, cooking, laundry, and on and on!!

Let's start with 21 days!!  Can you commit to 21 days?  30 minutes workouts, a daily accountable check online.

What are the requirements for joining the "Spring into Fitness" Challenge Group?

  • Do you have a Team Beachboy Coach?  If not, then let me be yours!!  Create an account by clicking here  FREE Account
  • Complete the Application so I can speak with you one-on-one to determine if this is a fit for you!!  Application
  • Commit to 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, CIZE or Focus 25 and replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology.  Why Shakeology?  It is going to make you feel better as far as daily energy and daily nutrition. It's 1 meal a day you don't have to think about and it's quick, convenient and tastes great.
  • I'm going to support, guide, mentor, and help you set realistic goals so that the program can help transform your life and you get to do it with like minded people.

Sounds like a plan!!!  Okay let's make it happen!! Hit me up for details TODAY!!  

LIMITED spots available and they won't last long!!! 

I look forward to helping you transform your winter bodies into summer bodies in the next few months! Ready to look and feel FABULOUS? Sign up below today! 


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Please contact me, like to start March 28th

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